Disability Confident in Action Recordings

19 October 2021

(Closed Caption is available on this video )

Wednesday 13th October

Support for people in the workplace with communication and sensory barriers


00.00 Welcome – Noel Duffy, Chair, Dolphin Computer Access

04:58  Embedding people with disabilities into your organisation – Steve Tyler, Leonard Cheshire Disability  - Steve's Slides

26.09  Funding the extra cost – Paul Doyle, Bush and Co

38:42  Policy & Legislative Background – Robert McLaren, Policy Connect

Communication difficulties –this session addresses support of people with Motor Neuron Disease, Cerebral Palsy, MS, Parkinson and others

55:33  Support practitioner – cultural support and necessary accommodations - Adam Hyland & Megan Reed, Diversity and Ability

1:08:52 AAC demonstration – Eye Gaze & Communication - Joe Naraynsingh , Tobii Dynavox


Sensory Barriers – supporting people with vision and hearing loss

Visual Impairment

1:29:14 Creating a low vision friendly workplace - Robin Spinks, RNIB

1:39:24 Effortless approach to creating accessible content – website and documents - Richard Orme, DAISY Consortium

1:55:42 Blindness solution - Stuart Lawler, Sight and Sound Technology

2:10:09 Low vision solution - Steve Bennett, Dolphin Computer Access

Hearing Impairment

2:24:15 Creating a hearing friendly workspace - James Cooney, Gordon Morris

(Closed caption is availble on this video)

Thursday 14th October

Neurodiversity and mental health in the workplace


0:00 Introduction – Noel Duffy, Chair, Dolphin Computer Access

2:04 Thinking differently about neuro-diversity in the workplace - Aidan Healy, Lexxic

22:54 Some practical insights to organisational inclusivity - Chris Griffiths, Ayoa

Neurodiversity (Part i.) - Supporting people with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Autism, ADHD, towards improved outcomes in the workplace

Information processing (reading and writing)

37:33 Preparing the organisation – creating reading ‘ramps’ - Richard Orme, DAISY Consortium

53:38 Reading/writing solutions – Desktop – Stuart Blair, Texthelp

1:06:23 Reading solutions for paper – PJ Balderstone, Scanning Pens

1:22:01 Using digital Dictation systems in a report based environment - James English, Hands Free Computing - Jamie's Slides

Neurodiversity (Part ii.) – supporting people to focus, collaborate and manage their emotions

1:38:38 Focus - Mind mapping – Liam Pettit, Matchware

1:53:24 Collaboration and Focus - Caity Evans, Ayoa

2:05:58 Managing emotions - Conor Ward, Brain in Hand

Mental Health – supporting people in the workplace towards better mental health

2:21:49 Having a mentally healthy workplace - Prof. Derek Peters, A-m8.com Derek's slides

2:38:05 Mental health management solutions – Brett Griffiths, A-m8.com