Acquiring or locating educational data for Europe

JamesGreen   August 11, 2020 1:52pm

We are looking for data sets for educational establishments in Europe and thought that it might be better for the BATA community to participate and also benefit from the work. We are looking for similar websites to this in the Netherlands or where whole datasets can be purchased. Any help will greatly be appreciated.

DUO’s website Onderwijsdata (education data) you will find the addresses of schools in:

Primary Education: basisonderwijs en het (voortgezet) speciaal onderwijs;
Secondary Education: voortgezet onderwijs;
Intermediate vocational education and adult education: middelbaar beroepsonderwijs (roc's) en volwassenenonderwijs;
Higher Education and Universities: hoger onderwijs

These websites and data registers are in Dutch and include addresses by municipality, phone numbers and website details, but not teachers name and direct contact details.

Thanks in advance

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