Interference from Assisted Technology/Community Alarm?

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Deleted User   August 1, 2020 4:48pm

My sister had a brain aneurysm 20 years ago but I haven't been in touch much as she had a partner to look out for her.
Since he abandoned her early in 2019 I've been more in touch with her.
During this time we have been experiencing problems during calls made on mobile 'phones.
Whether I call my sister or she calls me, a situation arises where she cannot hear me for a short time or at other times she cannot hear me at all. Quite often the connection is lost completely for no apparent reason.
I use two Android 'phones and the problem occurs on both however the connection improves greatly when she goes into the kitchen, oddly enough, which is slightly further from the equipment.
Is it possible that the community alarm may be the cause of the problem?
Just last week I bought her a new smart 'phone thinking the problem was associated with the Doro 'phone she has been using but the problem of signal break up still occurs when I call her.
Has anyone any suggestions on this?

annanya   September 16, 2020 9:41am

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